profile ted black 150x150 2 About The Management Clinic is run by Ted Black who has held senior positions in organization development and general management and is a mentor and coach to executives. He uses high-precision, results-driven projects to grow managers fast and measurably. His clients have included companies in timber, steel, agriculture, chemicals, IT and professional services.

Ted is the author of three books. The second was the successful, controversial “Who Moved My Share Price?” co-authored with Prof. Andy Andrews. It shows how substituting financial tools for purposeful, ethical management can destroy companies and shareholder value.

The last book was co-authored with Richard Pike, CEO Adcorp, and economist Loane Sharp in 2011. Called “The New Divide” it focused on the issue of South Africa’s huge unemployment problem and warned what might happen if we don’t tackle it with a constructive partnership between Government and the private sector.

He has written many articles for Business Day over the past ten years on management and productivity issues.