The “Magic of Measurement” Workshop

As a manager, you cannot act intelligently, or with integrity unless you think and behave as if you were an “owner” of the business or enterprise you work in.

To think and behave like an owner, means you have to understand the numbers that he/she and bankers worry about. One of them is possibly the #1 business imperative. It is often missed or even ignored by most managers – including those at the top.

You will learn your way around a model that brings marketing, finance and people together in one powerful measurement and performance improvement system. All truly successful entrepreneurs and managers use it; instinctively or deliberately.

Once you start using it, and you will during the workshop, it will change the way you look at your job, your company and how you work with those who contribute to your success.


  • Discover how easy it is to mis-manage with numbers.
  • Discover how to manage with numbers in the right way.
  • Use physical numbers to develop the basic Financial Statements in plain, simple English
  • Using the ROAM model (Return on Assets Managed), discover how to identify and pinpoint opportunities to make and save money.
  • Learn what impact changing just one number can have on results
  • Use the insights to look at your company and your job
  • Identify opportunities that can have a measurable, economic impact where you work.
  • Identify some of the barriers that can stop you from making changes and improving results.
  • Design a team-driven project that is loaded for success in many ways.

The Programme

Day 1:


  • The two prime concerns of management – Strategy & Productivity.

Physical Measurement:

  • The Black Bead Game© – an introduction to systems thinking.
  • How to measure the “system” you work in.
  • The “Seven Wastes” that exist in all work places at all levels.

Financial Measurement (“The Black Bead Company”):

  • The Cash Balance Sheet.
  • The “Queue-for-Cash” (Income Statement).
  • “Opportunity Cost” & Economic Profit.
  • ROAM – The Marriage of Finance and Marketing.

Productivity Improvement:

  • Identifying “Problem/Opportunities”.
  • Improve ROAM and economic profit of “The Black Bead Company”.
  • Identify personal Performance Improvement Opportunities.

Day 2:


  • One Objective – Personal Growth.
  • Building “Community-for-Productivity”.
  • The “Hidden Potential”.

Project Design:

  • Problem-Opportunity management.
  • Select Improvement Opportunity.
  • Identify Key Interested Parties.

Project Launch:

  • “Action Project” Checklist.
  • “Project Actions” Checklist.


  • The Effective Objective.